For many seniors desire to live on independently, care giving options have become more diverse. Are you a senior or Adult seeking services in or out of your home? Are you a friend, family member, or loved one who is seeking services for someone else? In addition to the assisted living options that's currently available, Golden Path is a non-medical home care/adult family home company that began in Milwaukee, WI. Golden Path originated in 2010, by the founder CEO Nicosia King who took care giving to another level of kindness, professionalism, and creating families. Nicosia was raised in a two parent home by parents James King and Mary King-Hite where her family always took in and helped many families throughout her childhood. Her mother Mary will always make a way to help out anyone in need, with Mary loving heart she passed that down to her children and always told her children "Blessed and help others from the heart". Nicosia did just that growing up and started her first business in 2010, Golden Path Senior Living Corp which is an adult family home assisted living facility. In 2013 Golden Path Home Care opened up it's doors for in home personal care, along with employment opportunities and a better peace of mind for our clients knowing you are in the care of compassionate individuals who want to build a rapport of loving care that will enrich the lives of many people in need. 

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